Should an emergency repair* be required after hours then you need to contact our nominated tradesmen listed below if they are not reachable or unable to attend the repair, you can do appoint licensed tradesman after you obtain and compare at least 2 quotations.

Electrical Repairs : Mega Electrical Service 0425 337 415

Gas Repair : Longfellow Gas & Plumbing Service 0401 168 161

Plumbing Repair : Bohan Liu 0430 092 195 or Longfellow Gas & Plumbing Service 0401 168 161

* Emergency repairs please refer to your tenancy agreement and/or tenant handbook.


Zero Tolerance Policy for Late Rent Payments

We pride ourselves in our careful tenant qualification and screening processes. Applications are approved ONLY on the grounds that we are confident that the rent will be paid on time, every time. However a minority of tenants still get behind in their rent, despite all of our tenant screening procedures. As we do not know who this will be when we sign tenancy agreements, we need to advise each tenant our Zero Tolerance policy for late rent payments.

  • 3 days late – SMS
  • 7 days late – phone call or personal visit
  • 14 days late – termination notice issued

EVICTION will follow if the problem is not fully remedied!